Thursday, July 21, 2011

John and Elizabeth: wedding {kirksville, mo wedding photographer}

This past weekend, I got to go to another wedding in Missouri! I just went 3 more hours north this time :D. Man, I've just gotta say it's SO fun seeing these friends so often! God is good to me :). But even if I hadn't been able to go, He is still good to me :).

Anyway, since my dear friend Amanda Webb was one of the coordinators, and I was staying with her, I got to come early to the church building :D. I helped when they needed a "gopher" (somebody who goes for things ;) ), I played the awesome baby grand for fun, and I was able to take some behind the scenes pictures (yay!) :D.

Amanda played the piano pretty friend :).

Haha, here's Andrew and Stephen Gates (the bride's brothers who were ushers). Stephen had been eating a banana and then he threw the peel onto the carpet to make the sanctuary look tacky as a joke. So, I asked if I could take his picture with it. And then Andrew jumped in on it and it made a hilariously epic photo :D.

When it came ceremony time, Abby Hargrave and I had the best seat in the house: the balcony! :D. Her brother, John Hargrave (the cinematographer), gave us permission. Thanks, John! :D. It was a great spot for taking pictures of the ceremony and for...

...people watching. Hehe. It was great :D.

Here she comes! :D

Sooo sweet :D.


And my favorite. Love it :).

Instead of the ushers letting people out, John and Elizabeth did and had the congratulating right there :D.

And so, they were married :) , and we celebrated at the reception :D. Congratulations, John and Elizabeth Champagne!! May God richly bless y'all's marriage :).

With a smile,
{ Rachel Leigh }

P.S. Like Job and Marie's wedding, I really enjoyed the dancing :D.

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