Saturday, March 12, 2011

Emily Anne: portraits {mt. pleasant, tx portrait photographer}

This here is my brother Daniel Lee Greene's girlfriend, Emily Anne Aitken (the "t" is silent) :).

Y'all've ('s telling me this isn't a flows so well though!...anyway) seen a bit of her before. Well, here's a little post just of her :).

Doesn't she look SOOO lovely?! I really really love this picture.

She goes to college with Daniel (LeTourneau University) and their spring break started this past weekend. So, before she went on to other places for her spring break, she spent an afternoon with us :D. We talked, ate goldfish (or "fish crackers" as Mom and I like to call them :) ), had lunch at "Bodacious Barbecue", and had fun with the hammock (there was only one tip over and it wasn't me. Haha :D ). While we were outside, Mom picked a camellia for Emily and suggested I take pictures of her with it. And that's how these pictures came about :).

Her dreamy look ;).

Emily makes the cutest, funniest, and sweetest faces. Emily, you're just sweet altogether! :D

P.S. Daniel and Emily entered the couple's contest I'm having and there are 5 other entries! :D Don't forget to check out the contestants' pictures on my facebook page and vote for your favorite couple!!

With a smile,
{ Rachel Leigh }


Hannah said...

Absolutely lovely photos! The first is my favorite -- the catchlights in her eyes are beautiful! :)

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

What a lovely lady! Her shining smile and the flower is so pretty! Love the bokeh in the background!