Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Joanna Marie: senior portraits {san antonio, tx senior portrait photographer}

After I finished taking some portraits of Pearl, her younger sister Joanna rather shyly asked if I could take some picture of her in her cap in gown since she's graduating from high school this next month. Of course I said yes!! :D.

So, here is Joanna Marie Ortega! She's 17 going on 18 and lots of fun ;).

She's a stunner as well.

Doesn't she have pretty skin? I love freckles :D.

Her cap did not want to cooperate most of the time. Lol.


Goofball ;)

Thanks for asking me to take your pictures, Joanna! It was fun just like you :D. Love you!

One last post of Ortega offspring is coming! :D

With a smile,
{ Rachel Leigh }


Liz said...

Glad you did these captures. What a thing to rememeber. Great job.

Sara said...

I love these! I'm going to teleport you up to PA when I need my senior pictures taken, haha. :)

Rachel Leigh Greene said...

Sara: Haha, and I would be very willing!! :D

Allix B. said...

these are cute :D

Doris Price said...

Rachel sure glad I was checking FB and seen Joanna's portraits. Beautiful and love the true colors showing through.

Ps. Wish you lived here in SA. my pics of my jewelry on my Etsy shop are not too hot. Using Photoscape has helped.