Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Taylor and Brittanee: married love/maternity :) {pittsburg, tx couple and maternity photographer}

Remember the "Couple's Contest" I had a couple months ago? Well, this post is about the winners:

Taylor and Brittanee Bradford :).

Oh, and Fayden Leigh too, but you can't see her at the moment because she's inside of Brittanee ;). Lord willing she'll be out for everyone to see this Friday! :D

Man, Taylor and Brittanee were SO wonderful! I was a little nervous about this session, but they made me feel at ease :).

They were easy going, super sweet, and GREAT models!! God truly blessed our time :D.

Don't they look like they're singing? Hehe :D.

I really like this one :).

Did I mention they were awesome models? Well, it's worth mentioning again, because they WERE! It was the things they did on their own that made me so happy. I'd be looking at my camera and he'd kiss her on the forehead. I'd catch it out of the corner of my eye and exclaim "Wait!! Can you do that again?! :D.

Field love :).

Oh, Brittanee, you're so stunning.

The "bear hugs" were a favorite with me :D. By the way, Brittanee, you are one of the most beautiful pregnant girls I've EVER seen!! It looks good on you :).

Mmm, feel the love!

Lookin' good, y'all.

This is one of my very favorite pictures ever. Seriously. The way they're holding each other's hands...it makes my heart happy :D.

They're just so cute :).

Haha, I was about to tell Taylor where to stand, when he darted behind the tree and peeked his head around it to give his darling wife a kiss. Man, I just love couples in love :) :).

Again, thank y'all SO much! It was wonderful meeting y'all in person and capturing y'all's love; y'all were awesome :).

And I'll be praying that the delivery of Miss Fayden Leigh will go smooth :).

I love doing this :).

With a smile,
{ Rachel Leigh }


Allix B. said...

Those were gorgeous Rachel!! Fantastic job!!!!! I love ALL of them!!!

Taylor said...

These are great, Rachel! Way to go!! I have several favorites! lol :) An di love couples who are in love too....so sweet and funnnnnn!!! :D Wonderful job!

Hannah said...

Absolutely beautiful, Rachel! Love them! :)

Michele Ann Greene said...

Rachel~ you captured some beautiful moments. I have "many" favorites but seeing them all together is such a treat...... O.K. the kiss around the tree is too cute~! :)

stacks_family said...

The pictures are BEAUTIFUL! You did such a wonderful job!

Sara said...

These are beautiful! Fabulous job. :)

Jessica Shae said...

Awww...I love them! Awesome job Rachel, they're toooo cute!

Kayleigh said...

These are SO cute! It's almost impossible to pick a favorite, but the tree one is pretty close! Great job. :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Great job! :)