Monday, June 20, 2011

Seth Parker: senior portraits {mt. pleasant, tx senior portrait photographer}

My first guy senior portrait session! :D

This is Seth Parker Stephens.

My family and I have been friends with him and his family for many years, so I was very excited about taking his senior pictures :D.

He's 17 going on 18 and just graduated from high school of course :D. Lord willing this fall he'll be attending the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor.

As you can see, he plays the guitar; he's very good at it :).

One of my favorites. Seth, that test you took was right; you could be a model!

LOVE the train track bokeh.

Seth rocking the serious look.


Another favorite. Looking good, Seth!

Great smile :D.

Once again, a favorite.

AAH! SO cool. I'm very happy that we found those hay bales :D.

This spot was amazing. Love it.

You wouldn't know it, but Seth was actually really struggling with allergies that day. But he toughed it out and was a great and easy going model :).

Thanks again Seth for having me take your pictures! I really enjoyed it and I love how they turned out :D.

With a smile,
{ Rachel Leigh }


Hannah said...

Great photos, Rach! :)

Allix B. said...

niiiiccccce Rachel!! can't go wrong with guitar senior portraits, they're always a fav :D :D

Jessica Shae said...

you roooocked these darlin! I love them all! :)

Michele Ann Greene said...

Theeeeeey'rrrrrrrrrreeee GREAT~!

Susanna Simpson said...

Awesome shots, Rachel!

Sara said...

The third one is just pure awesome. I love the last one. Annnnnd maybe all the ones in between!

Pearl Elizabeth said...

You did an amazing job Rachel!!!