Monday, August 1, 2011

Florida, anyone? :D {seaside, fl engagement and portrait photographer}

Ok, I know we had a false alarm in May, but this time we ARE going to Florida! Haha :D.

Here's a picture I took from our last trip there in 2009. Ooooh, yes. The green/blue/clear water, the white sand, the rainbow just doesn't get much better :) :).

Where will we be? Seaside, Florida. When will we be there? Next week (August 8-12). So, if any of y'all are going to be around that area too and would like some pictures taken, hit me up! (Which means either call me or e-mail ;) ). It'd be fun to make some new friends too :D.

With a smile,
{Rachel Leigh}

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Katrina said...

hey there! i was just visiting your blog and noticed you are in FL! like half hour from where I live! (Niceville)

i rarely visit Seaside...but it is such a beautiful opportunity's galore. Have a wonderful time! and if you ever come into the niceville area i may see your around :P