Thursday, October 27, 2011

Daniel and Emily: engagement :D {tyler municipal rose garden, tyler, tx engagement photographer}

Remember when I took pictures of my brother Daniel and his fiance Emily right after he proposed to her? Well, they wanted to do an "official" engagement session this fall; one where they could plan their outfits, fix their hair, and choose a location together :). And we did! And they chose the Tyler Municipal Rose Garden, which was beautiful! And they didn't look half bad themselves ;).


Daniel has a beauty :).

Looove :D.

They go together :).

 Mmmmm :).

Another reason why they wanted to do an official engagement session, was to capture the different sides of their side is their mutual goofiness. Hehe :D.


Haha, Emily just randomly started striking poses while Daniel was wandering around looking at flowers. Work it, Emily!

Happy people :D. This is a favorite :).

Cute :D

Love the emotion of this one.

Hehe :).

"I can show you the waaay." Haha :D. "Aladdin", anyone? They were actually randomly singing this song during the session :D.

And we'll end with a pic of my handsome bro :).

I love y'all, Daniel and Emily!! :).

With a smile,
{ Rachel Leigh }


Hannah said...

awwwwww! they are so cute! and hahahaha...their funny pictures are RIDIC! I CAN'T HANDLE THE ADORABLENESS.

that's all. ;)

Michele Ann Greene said...

I love them all~! Do have favorites but it got too complicated trying to say which ones, I think they speak for themselves. Love you Daniel and Emily, may God richly bless your life as you serve HIM.

catrina said...

so fun! they do go perfectly together! so adorable!

Allix B. said...

hehe :D love them...the pictures and the people in them ;)

Rhonda Stacks said...

LOVE the pictures!

felicia rachelle said...

What a wonderful e-session! I loved so many of them! =) Way to capture their personalities...

Bekah Hope said...

These have got to be some of the cutest engagement photos I've ever seen, Rachel!! They are so adorable!! I really love the one where he's fixing her hair. :-)

Sara said...

These are so awesome Rachel!! They're so colorful, happy and cute! Love 'em! :)

♥♥♥ said...

They really go so perfectly with each other!

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

Oh my--those are be-autiful, Rachel Leigh!! Are you the main photographer for their wedding? Just curious. =)

With Joy in Christ,

Rachel Leigh Greene said...

Elizabeth: Thank you! No, I'm not. I wanted to just enjoy my brother's wedding :)

Sophie Covey said...

OOOOHHHH Rachel!!! Those are some gggrreeaatt pictures! They're such a cute couple and seem to totally "go" together! :) Love the pics!

Rachael Humpton said...

Oh my word Rachel!!! These are AMAZING!!!! You are so talented!!!

*Miss Lys* said...

How cute, Rachel!!!! They are such an adorible couple!!! When are they getting married??

Great job with these pics! Love their personalities!!!

Much Love,

*Miss Lys*

Rachel Leigh Greene said...

Miss Lys: Thank you! They're getting married in May :)

Anonymous said...

I Love these!! :D

Mariah said...

These were sweet... the images kept me smiling and laughing through the post. My favorite picture was the Aladdin meets Titanic picture. :D

Michele Ann Greene said...

Just looked at these again tonight. I just wanted to say you did a wonderful job.

So happy for Daniel and his bride to be.
your mother~