Monday, October 17, 2011

Timothy and Heather: engagement :D :D {truman state university, kirksville, mo engagement photographer}

Sooo many of my friends have been getting engaged!! It's crazy!
But it's wonderful and makes me rejoice with them :D.

Two months ago, Timothy (Timothy Weeks: the guy of this love story) messaged me on Facebook and asked, "Hey, you're not planning on coming to kville [Kirksville, Missouri; the town I visit at least once a year. lol] any time soon are you?" 

I was actually, since I had only had 3 days there this summer for a wedding of friends of mine. I asked, "Is this about taking pictures of your radio show or something else?"

Timothy: "Actually, I'd like to get some pictures taken with Heather- she was just saying how we don't really have a lot of good ones."

I was really excited :D. He and Heather (Heather Vaught: she did the make-up in Marie's bridal preparation photos :D ) had been dating for a while and I suspected that this couple session of them would soon turn into an engagement session and I was right!! A month later, they got engaged and that's what this post is about :D.

So, meet Timothy and Heather :D.

Oh, you see that beautiful garden behind them? Well, yes, I know it's blurred out, but you can kinda get the gist of it, right? Good. lol. That's the Sunken Garden and it comes into their story later :).


They decided to have their pictures taken at their beautiful campus of Truman State University

They were SO easy, happy, friendly (well, we are friends. lol :D ); they made it such a joy to take their pictures :D.

But now, they're going to tell you how it all happened :D.

Timothy goes first.

"After talking with Mr. Vaught and going ring shopping, the only thing left to do before the proposal was to choose a diamond, get it set and plan the perfect night to propose. The ring was finished on Thursday, September 29, and I gave a little thought to proposing that afternoon. I just couldn’t wait to see it on her finger and know that it will always be there. But I knew there wasn’t any time to set up the proposal that I wanted, so I decided to wait until the next day, announcing to my roommates that 'tomorrow's the day.'
On Friday, September 30, 2011, I asked Heather to marry me. I had a vague idea in my mind of how I wanted to do it, but didn’t know exactly how I was going to pull it off. I knew that I wanted to create a type of scavenger hunt for Heather, using memories of us and some of our favorite places, but I still hadn’t decided anything definitely. My plan really took form when I saw Laura Blunk, JJ Massey, and Danielle Winton eating lunch in Ryle Hall. I couldn’t resist walking up to them with a big smile and letting them know that I planned to propose that night. They were really excited for me, and I thought that it would be prefect to use them, as well as Jenny Richmond, Taylor Probst, and Rebekah Gates, as a part of my scavenger hunt idea.
All afternoon on Friday, I made a set of three note cards and one CD to guide Heather through the proposal and called all girls to set up their positions. Taylor would meet Heather at Jimmy John’s, where I was working when we started dating and one of our favorite sandwich spots. Taylor would give Heather a CD that I had made for her that had directions to her next stop and a playlist of some of our favorite songs, representing our shared love of music and a lot of memories that we have driving and singing together.
As Heather was meeting Taylor, I was rushing to Barnett Hall to give Rebekah and Jenny their envelope to give to Heather. This envelope sent her to a favorite coffee shop on the Square as a reminder of all the great coffee dates that we’ve already had since we met.
The last envelope brought Heather to the Sunken Garden on Truman’s campus. The Sunken Garden is definitely the most romantic spot on campus, and legend says that couples who kiss there are destined to be married, but I chose the garden because Heather and I walked there the night of John and Elizabeth Champagne’s wedding, after spending two months apart and seeking the Lord about the future of our relationship. After painful uncertainty, I had realized that this was the will of God, that He had brought us together and that Heather and I would never be separated in this life.
It was there that I realized for the first time that God had brought me this woman to love and to serve and had planted those desires inside of me. So, it was there in the Sunken Garden that I got down on my knee, pulled the ring from my pocket and asked Heather to be my wife. She said,

Now it's Heather's turn!
      “Well I knew that Timothy was going to propose eventually, but I had no idea when or how. It was the last day of September, and I was totally exhausted from a long week. Since he had already talked to my dad and we had gone ring shopping a few weeks before, when he asked me out to dinner I had a creeping suspicion that it might happen that night. I shrugged off the notion (or at least tried) and went about my day as normal. I misunderstood his message and waited for him to pick me up at 6:00, and then soon realized that he wanted me to meet him there... needless to say, I was late and slightly disheveled. Nevertheless, dinner and conversation was lovely—he was SO handsome!
      After a delicious meal and dessert, my friend Danielle, who works at the restaurant, approached the table with flowers and balloons. Blushing, I turned to Timothy and tried to read his face. He led me outside to our cars and presented me with an envelope and told me to read it in the car. I was smiling ear-to-ear at that point. The note had a very romantic and sentimental message and directed me to my first location—Jimmy Johns (our favorite sandwich joint). I raced down the road where my friend Taylor was waiting with my next envelope. It was so surreal—I can’t remember what we said to each other, but I remember her teary eyes and the joyful hug as we listened to a CD that had Timothy’s voice, giving me my next clue and playing our favorite songs. Barnett Hall (where Timothy does his weekly radio show) was my next destination. I found Rebekah and Jenny waiting with another envelope. In a matter of minutes, I was downtown, walking into our favorite coffee shop—was he there?? I was so anxious to see him. As I read the last note with Laura and JJ, the tears began to come. I was to go to the sunken garden on campus (probably the most romantic place I’ve ever been) and
      'a man would be waiting for the love of his life.' I would have flown there if I could. I was trying to make mental notes of every minute. I could hardly contain my excitement as I approached campus, listening to our favorite songs, and thanking God that this was happening.
      As I saw Timothy stand there in the middle of the garden in the midst of the flowers, bushes and glowing light, I thought I could be dreaming. Heart pounding, I headed directly into his arms, so glad to finally be with him. I don’t remember what he said word-for-word, but it was wonderful. He said he wanted our marriage to be pleasing and glorifying to God and that our love could be a testimony to how Christ loves His Church. What more could I ask of him? I had been praying for him for so long, thankful that God had answered that prayer in such an extravagant way. Now he was there, on one knee, asking me to marry him! With a joyful YES, I was weeping in his arms again, soaking in the moment. He then slipped the most beautiful little ring with an impeccable diamond on my left finger. The whole proposal, with the incorporation of my friends, our most beloved Kirksville hangouts, and his sweet messages in the envelopes, was more than I could have imagined.”

      Aaaah, melt!! They're so in love, best friends, and children of God. Praise the Lord :) :).
And they are ONE good looking couple!! Seriously!

Love it...especially the leaf in her hair. Hehe :).

Just look at them...happiness :D.

"We're nerds"-Heather. Haha :D.

The LIGHT! It was fantastic...and so were they :D.

Heather, you're so beautiful. I think Timothy agrees with me ;).

Then they came up with the brilliant idea of thought bubbles! We had lots of fun with it :D.

Thank y'all again for being so great!! Y'all rock :D.

With a smile,
{ Rachel Leigh }


Allix B. said...

Yay! I'm the first one to comment! :) What can I say, you're just plain awesome. :) These are soooo very very gorgeous and sweet...great job. :D

Lisa Vaught " Mother of the Bride" said...

Rachel you did a wonderful job. Thank you for being available to do these special pictures. I cried again when I read Timothy and Heathers love story.

Allyson Janell said...

I love all of these, the last group in the classroom are brilliant! :)

Elina said...

Hi, commenting seems a little bit strange/awkward since I don't know either you or the couple, just randomly found my way here. I just wanted to sya that they look beautiful nad so happy it makes me smile. I hope they'll have a great life together.

Simi said...

Rachel, these are amazing! I lovelovelove the last few pictures with the dry erase board :)) I hope I get an oppurtunity to do an engagement shoot someday, it looks like so much fun!!