Monday, November 28, 2011

Jon and Marlena: wedding :D {lake tyler petroleum club, tyler, tx wedding photographer}

Last month, I got to second shoot a wedding for the first time!! The wedding of Jon and Marlena Barber :D.

And I got to shoot it with Jessica Shae and Allix B. which made it even better! :D

Loved the awesome steel blue accents :D.

Marlena looked lovely :D.

Jessica sweetly helped whenever she could :).

Second shooting is such a different experience because you don't get first dibs on angles; you have to be more creative than usual and rock what you've got. Haha :D. I really enjoyed it :).

It's soo pretty at the Lake Tyler Petroleum club.

I LOVE this shot; it reminds me of Jasmine Star (who is amazing in sooo many ways :) :) ).

Just look at those happy faces; so cute :D.

Love him helping her and Jessica looking adorable leading them :).

Aww :)

Another favorite :)

Check Allix B. out :D.

Oh, man. Looooove.

Hehe :)

Time to head back and get ready for the wedding! :D (oh, and this is another favorite :D )

Can you believe those flowers are made out of fondant?!

This wedding was very laid back; people came early and just enjoyed relaxing in the beautiful facilities until it was time for the ceremony :).

Light is just so amazing :).

We had some time to relax too :).

Jon's grandfather married them: he's such a kind man and it's obvious he really cares for his grandson and his new bride :). 

They have such fun together :D.

Jon and his brothers have a band! They did a great job :D.

This wedding was perfect for my first second shooting experience; I look forward to shooting more weddings in the future :). And, hey! Y'all need to check out Jessica's pictures from the wedding

With a smile,
{ Rachel Leigh }


Catrina said...

the wedding looks so fun and happy, it's obvious they are deeply in love. and you did a wonderful job of capturing it, love your pictures!

Sara said...

I LOVE the ones of the lights AND the chairs. All of these are so gorgeous! :)

Anne said...

aww yay! Love them. :)

Marlena said...

I can't believe our wedding was only your second because your pictures look sooooo awesome! You are going to continue to be even more amazing as you keep going =D The night time pictures with the lights are too cool for school; the effects of the bulbs add such a magical feel to the pictures! I've been showing them off to people, and they think you're great!

*Miss Lys* said...

Stunning pictures, Rachel!

What kind of camera do you use?

Much Love,

Rachel Leigh Greene said...

Thank you, Miss Lys! I use a Nikon D90 and all of these pictures were taken with a 50mm 1.8 lens :D

*Miss Lys* said...

Thanks you so much, Rachel! I am in the process of buying a camera and was curious on what kind you use. Thanks again!

Much Love,
*Miss Lys*

Abby Lyn said...

Rach... I loooove these! U captured some gorgeous moments! So glad ur my second shooter! ;)