Monday, January 16, 2012

Savannah and Sophia: portraits :D {mt. pleasant, tx portrait photographer}

This post is about two girls having fun on a warm January afternoon :D (that's Texas for ya ;) ).

Savannah Long (12) and Sophia Simpson (11) :D.

Savannah is from Springfield, Missouri. She and Sophia have been buds since she and her family first came to visit Texas 5 years ago :). 

Well, the Longs came to visit for the weekend and Sophia spent it with us too so she could have time with Savannah :D. 

They had so much fun together :D ; I love watching young friendships grow :).

When I told them to look up...

...they saw a bird's nest :D.

Watching them have fun like this took me back to my childhood...and it made me smile :).

May your week be filled with special fun memories that will always make you smile :D.

With a smile,
{ Rachel Leigh }

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Michele Ann Greene said...

Rachel, I love that you captured these precious memories of the girls. They will never forget that sweet time they had or their sweet big girl friend RACHEL. Love you, Mom