Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sarah Elizabeth: portraits :) - Part 2 {mt. pleasant, tx portrait photographer}

Here's part 2 of Sarah's portraits :D. (If you missed part 1, you should go look at it and learn more about this pretty girl :) ).

Even though it wasn't as sunshiney as we would have liked, I think it gave the pictures a neat look :). We had a great time :D. 

She's such a joyful girl :D.

Doesn't she look adorable?!


Loooove this one. The colors, her hair, everything :).

Gorgeous :).

Sarah, you just look awesome.

A favorite; her eyes look incredible.

Aaaah, Sarah!! You just can't stop being beautiful! 

A lovely day indeed with a lovely friend :).

Oh! Happy March, everybody! :D

With a smile,
{ Rachel Leigh }


Allix B. said...

two words: GOR. JUS. :)

Sara said...

LOVEE her hair! SO cute. You take such beautiful photos!

mary ann said...

these are so pretty! the lighting in #8 and 9 is just amazing - that little strip of glowing orange in the background? perfection.

Christina said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! :D

Melissa said...

Fabulous pictures!
She's so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! :) Thanks for sharing.