Thursday, May 24, 2012

James and Bethany: wedding! :D {missouri state fairgrounds, sedalia, mo wedding photographer}

Two more friends have gotten married: James and Bethany :D.

Bethany Jennings is now...Bethany Jennings! Haha. That doesn't happen very often :D. Dan Sem was the main photographer and he asked me to second shoot for him :). It was so fun being a part of the day :D.

The crazy-awesome Rebekah Gates did the hair :D. This is her doing Evangeline's (Bethany's younger sister and maid of honor :) ). Evangeline is so wonderful :D.

And here's Bethany! She is such a sweetheart and just so adorable :).

Bethany's mom, Mrs. Terri, chatting with Bethany's good friend Jamie whose last name is now Skinner!! (as of a few weeks ago :D ).

See how precious she is?! :D

Bethany was so calm and easy-going :).

And her dress was sooo beautiful!!

and MODEST!! We were all in awe. Haha :D.

I love these sisters so much :D.

Bethany has the cutest laugh :D.

Sooo happy!! :D


Siblings asking questions. Hehe :D. (Yeah, the guy on the right is one of Bethany's younger brothers, Zachary. He's great :D ).

This picture makes me happy :D.

Bethany's dad, Bro. Bob, came to see Bethany before the ceremony :).

Guests arriving :D.

Mrs. Terri and Bethany's older brother Jared :).

James's parents :).

Bethany's youngest brother, Evan (who's great too :D ), and Evangeline :).

And here's happy happy James!! Yay :D.

Bro. Charles Leiter officiated :).

I loved that James spoke as well! It was so good :).

Bro. Bob spoke too :).

Bro. Wes and Mrs. Jill Belling sang a really sweet song he wrote for Mrs. Jill a long time ago :).

Bro. Tim Conway was the main speaker.


And this is James's best man: David Luciano :).

So thankful for the Lord allowing Bro. Bob to attend :'). (For those who don't know, Bro. Bob has had pancreatic cancer for almost 2 years now. I would encourage you to read his journal about life since then; his life is an incredible testimony to God's grace.)

Hehe :D.

Hooray! They're married!! :D.

That rooms was filled with some happy people :D (including myself :D).

People watching us outside as Dan took family pictures :D.

Bethany's family :D.

Bethany's nephew Ramond. Hehe :D.

James's family :D.

Wedding party :D.

Seestars :D.

They both looked so lovely.

Reception time! :D.

Decorating the car :).

They did what they could with the meager supplies they found. Lol :D.

Heading out!

They were so happy :D.

Praise the Lord for what He has done :).

With a smile,
{ Rachel Leigh }


David M. Hamilton said...
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David M. Hamilton said...

Rachel, God has gifted you to be a marvelous photographer! Carolyn & I are so blessed in viewing these wonderful wedding pictures! Thank you for your sweet efforts.
So wonderfully happy for a DEAR Godly couple and our prayers will always follow them!
David & Carolyn Hamilton

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful photos you took Rachel. I am so glad to have been able to view these. Thank you for putting them up here. There wedding looked fantastic!(:

Sydnee Clark!

Rachel said...

What lovely dresses and wedding colors. Great job!

Vivi K said...

I love her dress and all of the beautiful yellow flowers! Great job! :)

Allix B. said...

These are so sweet and happy! :D and HEllo, Amanda looks spectacular!! Her dress is adorable!!

Mackenzie Mangin said...

Hi! I was wondering if you could follow my blog?! Thanks

Gianna Coleman said...

Hi, Gianna, here! I'm starting up my blog, and would more than appreciate if you checked it out!
And do be sure to let me know you were there!
I love your blog by the way;)