Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving weekend with my family :) {mt. pleasant tx, family photographer}

This past Thanksgiving weekend was so nice; that's just the best way to describe it :).

On Thanksgiving Day, some of mom's family came over for the day. Before it got dark, we took a few family portraits outside :). Here's my parents whom I love :D.

And here's my grandparents (mom's parents) whom I love as well :D.

Papa and Mamie :D.

Haha, and here's my cute sister in law, Emily :D.

Here's all of us! 

And here's my family :D. I like how Jay is holding my elbow. Haha :D.

After most everyone went back in, we stayed outside and I took some pictures of Daniel and Emily for fun. Hehe :D.

Lovely :D.

Happy brother :D.

Emily was drinking this coke and I was inspired to take a few pictures of her and Daniel with it :D.


Emily makes some of the best faces. Hehe :D.

Daniel too. Haha :D.

My siblings :D.

The next day, my cousin Cara, her two sons, and my other cousin's son dropped by the house to visit and play :D. Here's Dad with Rhett :).

And here's Keller! He had never jumped in a leaf pile before, so I showed him how to rake it up and then jump in it (or jump over it as he discovered he liked better later. Hehe :D).

Oh, I also showed him how to fall backwards in it :D.

There's their beautiful mamma: my cousin Cara :D. Who is pregnant with their third boy!

We had a blanket outside to enjoy the day on :).

His middle name isn't "Rocket" for nothing :D.


After they left, I had some fun in the pile too. Hehe :D.

Our beloved Junior :). She's the queen ;).

And our sweet Buddy :).

Jay really likes holding the cats. Hehe :D.

Found a cricket! Looks like he's reading "Motorola" Haha.

Then Saturday, we went to visit my Dad's younger sister and her family in Longview (where Daniel and Emily live!) :). We took some pictures outside while the light was still pretty :). Here's Daniel being my test subject. Hehe :).

While we were waiting for everyone to make their way outside, Daniel took some pictures of us girls :D.

Here's my cousin Jordan's little girl Greer!

She's cute :D.

And here's my pretty cousin herself! :D


Love love love :D

Here's her husband Taylor :D.

Then my cousins Jacob and Christian joined the group :).

And here's the Stringer family! (plus the Bledsoes :) ).

Then we got one of all of us :D.

Praise the Lord for such a relaxing and enjoyable weekend :).

With a smile,
{ Rachel Leigh }


Allix B. said...

I like all of these. All all all of them. :)

Mackenzie Hope said...

All of these are adorable! I especially like the ones of your sister-in-law. =D

Hannah Nicole said...

Like 'em all. What a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. :)

Mikailah said...

such lovely pictures! :) you have such a good looking family. and love all the facial expressions. ;) great pictures, Rachel! <3

Sereina Charise said...

Glad you had such a great Thanksgiving! I enjoyed looking at all the pictures. :D

Capturing the Moment said...

Rachel these are great!!

Nela said...

Glad to hear that you had a lovely Thanksgiving. :) These are great pics, Rachel, especially the ones of the little kids jumping into the leaves. That must have been so much fun! ;)

Take care!

Sara said...

These are all so wonderful :D

Becky said...

Okay, so I've read your blog for a couple of years and don't know if I've EVER commented. :) I just have to ask, in the last few photos, is that a knife clipped in your pocket? If so, that takes you from really awesome, so pretty much my best friend, you just don't know it yet. Haha. Anyways, I LOVE your pictures. Always. All of them. :)

grace said...

aw, these are just the loveliest. they look just like thanksgiving feels ;)

Rachel Greene said...

Becky: Haha, I was wondering if anyone would notice it :D. Yes, it is :D. It's this one actually
You're so sweet!

Kristin said...

These are super sweet.