Monday, September 16, 2013

Peter and Hannah: wedding :D {mt. vernon, tx wedding photographer}

Peter and Hannah's wedding day was a day that I thoroughly enjoyed :D. I was asked to second shoot for +Joshua Hood of Framed Memories Photography, so early Saturday morning, August 31, I drove over to Lake Chapel and found the girls getting ready :D. Here's the lovely bride herself :). You should recognize her from this blog post of her bridals.

This is Jenna Goodwin: she and Hannah are cousins, but they're more like sisters :).

 And this is Hannah's friend Sarah Hood, Josh's sister. She's a cutie :D.


And this is Hannah's adorable friend Abby Wafford ordering our McDonald's breakfast :D.



Hannah wanted a picture with all her girls in curlers, so I give you...

...these adorable faces :D. Oh, and the addition on the left is the precious Hannah Metzger (yeah, there's two Hannah Metzger's now. Hehe :D), Peter's sister :D.

And then they went all adorable crazy. Haha :D.




 Two of Hannah's brothers stopped in for her to make faces at. Hehe.

Hannah, you have such glorious hair <3




Our food and smoothies finally came!

Hannah was excited :D.

VERY excited. Hehe :D.

I love this girl's happy heart and joyful countenance :).


Hannah's brother Simeon asking if the bouquet needs to be adjusted.




Hannah, you belong in a fairytale :) (you and Peter both :D). Utterly lovely.



A little chilly. Hehe :D.




Me: "Hannah, show me your excitement."




 And last, but not least, Peter's youngest sister Jessie :D. She's a cool little woman :).

A couple brothers stopped by again. They were all looking out the window trying to identify somebody when...

...Zachary shot him. Hahaha.



Time to do this thing! :D



Hannah and her parents :).


Hannah and her bridesmaids were so fun to be with :D.


Happy girls :D.





Time to hold hands with Peter! :D


And now, time to settle down and wait for the ceremony to start :).



They had the parents of the couple and all of the preachers there come and pray for Peter and Hannah.



Mr. and Mrs. Peter Metzger! :D



Haha :D


Hannah's brothers on the left stared Peter down. Haha



 They were so happy :D


Helping with Hannah's dress is Josh's girlfriend Alicia Anglin. She assisted Josh throughout the day and right here she said "I feel like I shouldn't be in the picture with the couple, but heeey!" Haha.


It was around 102 outside, so we just took about 5 minutes to get some outdoor portraits, but it was worth it :).

I'm telling you, y'all belong in a fairytale.



Then we headed over to the reception at the First Baptist Church of Mt. Vernon.


It was fun seeing my work printed :D.


Yeah, Peter's a firefighter :).



The wedding party! :D

Lookin' cool. Hehe :D


I loved the fun they had with it :D. That's how the whole day was actually. You can see why I loved working with these people :D.


The new husband and wife! :D



The sweet servers :D.




Cutting the cake. Hannah, you just looked so beautiful and happy :D.


Awww :D.


Looking good, you two :D.





Simeon almost got it. Haha.


Hannah with her brother Caleb and her new sister in law Rachel :).

Time to go!



Hannah and Simeon are super close, and since Peter and Hannah will be living in Montana, it was a hard goodbye :'(.


God bless you two and thank y'all so much for having me be a part of the day!

With a smile,
{ Rachel Leigh }


Susanna S. said...

You got some really beautiful pictures, Rachel. So glad you could do that for Hannah! :)

Christina Hastings said...

What a darling wedding! Great shots Rachel! So happy for Hannah (haha, us IPS students are slowly getting married off)!