Monday, October 7, 2013

Allix B. and Ellie Be: portraits :D {clarksville, tx portrait photographer}

Two weeks ago, Ellie Berry (Ellie Be that is ;) ) came to Texas. WOOHOO! BUT I've been full time at my Dad's dental office for two months now and can't take off work like I used to, so I couldn't spend all four days with her like I sorely wished to. BUT she got to spend them with +Allix which made me happy :D. Long story short, I WAS able to go over to Allix's house after work that Wednesday, finally meet Ellie in person (yaaay!!), and spend the rest of the day with them :D. We hugged, talked, we ate cake balls, ate homemade pizza (yeah, that's right, we ate dessert first. Haha), then headed out to take portraits of each other :D.


 I really like this dreamer woman :D. Her genuineness, her openness, her smile. It's refreshing :).

 This dreamer woman has also got the looks too ;). Stunning, my friend!


 She's just TOO cute, y'all :D.

And then here's my darling friend whom I love! I love everything about this picture: the window, the books, and Allix's happy, pretty, fresh face :D.


Beautiful :).


Ellie: "Guys!! It's an arrow!!"


Again, she's just too cute. She's like an adorable lemonade stand on a happy July day :D.


Loved this fairy jungle spot and look! A fairy! :D






Me: "Look over at Ellie"
Allix: "Heeeey."

Hehe :D



This beautiful woman, inside and out, is a truly inspiring photographer and person. I'm glad I know her :).

Love her :D


Allix posing her. Hehe :)

We found some cool spots in Clarksville as you can see.





Laughing at Allix. Hehe :D







Even though this isn't a close up, you can still see her bright blue eyes! This one's a favorite :D


Oh, well, here ya go. Hehe :D






We had a blast :D

Then we soaked up the last rays of sun at a random field by the highway :D.


Beauty in the sun :D


This is what you do in fields. Hehe :D


Another beauty in the field :D


Sooo pretty :D

I love this one :D


Babe :)



The evening continued to be amazing. We ate more cake balls AND cookies from Allix's grandparents' bakery while watching "Iron Man 3" in Allix's room; that was fun :D. When the movie was over, Bro. Ryan (Allix's dad) came in and motioned for us to come outside. He didn't say what it was, he just said we needed to come outside. We stepped out into the chilly evening and our breaths were taken away. I have never seen so many stars in the sky in my life. And you could CLEARLY see that the earth was round!! It was incredible!! Ellie and I had never experienced the stars above like that before. We couldn't take our eyes off them or quit talking about them. I proceeded to lay on the grass and just look at the heavens with my eyes and mouth open. Then Allix went and got us some blankets to lay on and cover ourselves with :). We stayed out there for almost an hour; it was one of the most memorable nights of my life :). And, Ellie, Allix, I was so glad to spend it with you two :).

With a smile
{ Rachel Leigh }

P.S. I saw FOUR shooting stars that night!! (I've only seen two in my life before that night). Two very definite ones and two not so definite. Lol. Poor Ellie was so disappointed 'cause she didn't see one :(. She would be talking with Trevor and Allix and I'd exclaim "I saw another one!!" Haha. Maybe next time you come to Texas, Ellie :)


Michele Ann Greene said...

Rachel it's obvious you girls had a blast. You got some wonderful pictures of each girl. I loved the first background, really matched Ellie's personality to me and Allix in the fairy land woods are incredible! Some of the prettiest pictures of Allix I have seen. Great job :D

Emily Ann said...

These are so beautiful!! Looks like a great time!

Hannah M. said...

I must say, the golden light in these photos is delicious looking! And two beautiful models... lovely lovely!

Ruthie said...

this looks so fun! a photoshoot with all photographer friends!! SO FUNN

Madison said...

This post just makes me so happy. Ellie and Allix are so beautiful and I love how you captured their personalities. :)It looks and sounds like you had an awesome time together.



Oriana said...

Such beauties!! <3

Lauricia said...

Lovely pictures, Rachel!!! The ones in the field are my personal fav. So beautiful.


catherine grace said...

so much awesomeness and wonderful people in one post - I am not sure if i can handle it !