Monday, December 23, 2013

Trevor and Allix: engagement :D :D {downtown longview, tx engagement photographer}

Y'all saw the two sneak peeks I couldn't contain this past weekend (well, if ya didn't...#1 and #2) and now here are the reeeeeeeest!

As you already know (or have figured out), my darling friend +Allix Brunson is now engaged to be married to her best friend +Trevor Ruby :) (you can read their proposal story here!). The Lord has been so good to them. His grace is immeasurable :).

And now wedding planning has begun! Dresses have been bought, showers are being's new, busy, and exciting and I'm just the maid of honor! Hehe :). Well, like any engaged couple, they needed engagement pictures and that's what went down last Thursday. They very much don't like to be cold, so they very much didn't want a cold engagement shoot and last Thursday was the perfect day to do it since it was 70 degreeees!  Yeah, huge blessing :D. It was warm, they looked amazing, and we had a good time :).





Lookin' classy, folks :D.




At their excellent request, we stopped at this random graffiti so they could imitate it. Hehe :D. 


Their excited, happy faces :D.

The future Mrs. Ruby is wearing a ruby :D.


I believe this is Trevor's "blue steel" face. Haha.





They're happy together :D.



I love this one :D. Allix, like I've said several times, you looked so lovely :D.


Y'all looked so good!!










Eeeeee :D





Somehow Eskimo kisses happened and it was the most adorable thing :D.


Aaaaaah, love.







Hehe :D




No one makes her smile like he does and that makes me happy :).


Trevor was happy that the shoot was over and that his car was fixed, so he started dancing with Allix...which meant the shoot wasn't over. Hehe ;D.


Allix: "This is how we're going to be at our wedding. We have no rhythm. Haha. Is this called the cabbage patch?"


Thank y'all for making these pictures great by just being y'all's selves :D.

With a smile,
{ Rachel Leigh }


Hannah Elise said...

so stinken adorable!!!!!!!!

Amelia Renee said...

Rachellllll these are so beautiful:) I don't know how they'll pick favorites....haha, they'll have to print them all! ;)

Alyssa said...

So much cuteness!!!!!
Lovely shots Rachel! :)

Madison said...

These pictures are so perfect, Rachel! I love how happy they are! Their love and respect for each other really shines through their pictures. It's beautiful.

Lauricia Dawn said...

Ahhh!! So gorg!!! I love them!!

Anonymous said...

I am so super excited for Allix! I feel like I know her through emails and blogging. They are GREAT and SWEET and I was just saying AWWW the whole way through! LOVE!

Allie said...

These are absolutely wonderful! They are so sweet together. I was smiling and scrolling all the way through (: Beautiful pictures of a lovely couple.


Anonymous said...

These photos show so much love and happiness! They are so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh my gosh. I just can't get over these two and how beautiful and heart felt these photos are. OH MY.

Anne Marie

Holly said...

Ah my goodness, WOW!!! Stunning photos, once again you impress us all with your perfect skills!
You amazing photographer, YOU!! :D

Olivia J. said...

Aww... adorable! totally heart her outfit. If you got a pin button on the pictures I totally would be pinning. ;)

Christina Hastings said...

Aww, I LOVE these! I think it's so cute when he picks her up. Great job to the awesome Photog and the super cute Models. ;-)

Joanna Webber said...

Fantastic. Absolutely Brilliant.

grace k. said...

SO GOOD RACHEL. these photo have got to be in my top five for the most adorable/in love/romantic ones i've seen! i simply love them.

Olivia said...

so many pictures! ;) allix your whole outfit (and you) are so cute. (ps your nails!) these are great rachel. so happy. ;) x

alexxus said...

i can't get over this. ohmyword. i was literally dying the entire time. AHHHH.

Anonymous said...

Oh man. Oh...oooohhhh maaaan.

These. are. AWESOME! Love, love, looooove them!

Outstanding job, Rachel!

And now I cannot wait for their wedding photos.