Thursday, March 20, 2014

Colin and Tori's wedding photo booth :D {columbia, mo wedding photographer}

My two cool friends Colin and Tori Skinner got married on a gorgeous, sunny day last Saturday in Columbia, MO :). It was such a God glorifying, joyous, and precious ceremony :'). I couldn't stop smiling :) :) :D.

Well, at their reception, I was the photo booth girl! I had never done a photo booth before, but it was really fun :D. Here are some of my favorites :D.

These two cuties are my darling friends Laura Blunk and Amanda Webb. They obviously served at the reception, but they needed a picture of themselves 'cause they were both adorably garbed in dresses and chucks! Trying to arrange them where you could see their shoes was a bit of a challenge, so I began singing my own rendition of the addicting theme song from "The LEGO Movie."

Me: "Everything is awkwarrrrd!"

Yay. Hahaha :D.

Purty :)

I loved seeing everyone have fun with it :D.


Me: "Michael, [guy on the left] take off one of your glasses; people won't be able to tell who you are."

Michael: "That's the idea."



+Allix and her fiance man :).


 Reggalurr and lookin' good :).


Hooray for fun times :D.

...and also for sophisticated nerds and pirate rabbits.


Bow tie! Hehehe. Helena's (the girl on the left) husband Taylor was doing that. Hehe :D.


There he is :D.


Hahahahaha. This is the best.

Me teasing: "Awkward third wheel."....

 ...Guy I was teasing: "That's exactly what I am. Hahaha."




The most epic angry rabbit face. Hahaha.


Thanks to everyone who stopped by for making my day :D.

With a smile,
{ Rachel Leigh }


Eve Victorie said...

Love these!! So fun! Allix & Trevor are honestly the cutest couple EVER!!! <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had fun. You did great, Rachel! Love the picture of Allix and Trevor!

Michele Ann Greene said...

This post made me smile, a lot. Your subjects were precious and so theatrical it looks like they were directed and yet I know it was mostly impromptu adorableness! LOVE Especially since I know most of those PEEPS