Sunday, June 19, 2016

Joshua and Laura: wedding sneak peek :D :D {cut off, la wedding photographer}

This past weekend, I went the farthest south in Louisiana I've ever been and it was fascinating! This particular area is lovingly referred to as "the bayou" by it's residence :D. Boats, moving bridges, crabs scurrying across the highway, and the air and sky made me aware of how close I was to the ocean: I loved it! :D

Anyway, I made this trip because my sweet, Lucy-Penvensie-friend (she's always reminded me of her. Hehe :D ) Laura was getting married and I was her wedding photographer :D. Even though the weather was crazy most of the day, the Lord was kind and my friends got married :D. Congratulations again, Josh and Laura!! Happy married life!! :D


Joshua and Laura's wedding1



And because it's Father's Day, I had to share my favorite father-daughter moment from the day :) <3


With a smile,
{ Rachel Leigh }

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Mom and Dad said...

That's our girl ! Laura, we are so thankful God allowed you to be OUR daughter.