Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Seth: senior portraits sneak peek :D {paris, tx senior portrait photographer}

It's such an amazing thing to watch your young friends grow up. And it's extra special when you stay friends :D.

  I've known Seth since he was about 7 years old. For the past decade, I've watched him grow into a kind, mature, hardworking, Godly man and it makes my heart rejoice :). 

Now I'm 25, he's close to 18, and I got to take his senior photos!! :D Time has flown, but in a beautiful way :).

I so enjoyed last evening and hope y'all enjoy these sneak peeks of my friend Seth :D (and yeah, he's grown into a super handsome guy. Haha :D)


With a smile,
{ Rachel Leigh 

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Michele Ann Greene said...

Rachel you did a great job capturing Seth, great light too