Tuesday, June 12, 2018

J.R. and Jessica: married love sneak peek :D {dellwood park, mt. pleasant, tx couple photographer}

I've photographed J.R. and Jessica for four years and it never gets old :D. They just celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary and it's such an encouragement to see their love, playfulness, friendship, and trust in the Lord stay constant <3.

J.R. and Jessica, hanging out with y'all yesterday and photographing your love was worth all the humidity. Hahaha. Thank y'all again for trusting me with this honor four years in a row!! <3

With a smile,
{ Rachel Leigh }

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Knowledge Fire said...

The beauty about this place is that it's not just a unique space in itself, but it's a full-service catering space as well, and the food at NYC wedding venues is incredible. We worked / developed a relationship with them over the course, and nothing is out of reach.